Velocity Microwave Element SMA-D Dielectric Gage

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Velocity Microwave offers a revolutionary, new gage family! The patented design allows both male and female connectors to be measured with a single gage saving both time and money.

Velocity Microwave Gage Family
• One gage/one bushing for male and female connectors
• Type N gages (all series) only need a single master gage.
• Modular Design: Reduces calibration expense.

• Classic analog dial face with easy-to-read compliance markings applied
• Custom rear metal plate with compliance data for relevant standards
• Packaged in dust-proof case
• +/- .0005 Accuracy

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The Element series of microwave connector gages is built on an ASME B89 dial indicator platform that
has a classic design, a custom bezel clamp well proud of the serrated bezel allowing a noninterfering
zero set, a pair of tolerance index markers, and applied interface Standards front and rear.

The Element series features a single bushing/rack patent pending design allowing the gaging of both
genders without component changes – and in the case of Type N connectors facilitating true
universal gaging relative to all Standards without component or master gage changes. Also featured
is a novel human interface embedded over the dial face using a low tension overlay on the crystal
itself for the immediate interpretation of compliance. On the rear of the instrument, for reference, is a
custom metal plate with permanently inscribed interface data related to IEEE287LPC and GPC, MILC-
39012, and MIL-STD-348 as a further aid in compliance evaluation.

All Element gages are housed in a fitted case with rubber seating, metal identification plate, a
custom front surface application of the compliance data relative to the connecter species under
test and a six panel instruction brochure.



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Element SMA-D Dielectric Gage

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