New Velocity Microwave GP-35F-35M-39 Conexus Series Repairable Test Cable, 3.5mm (F-M), 39″


Velocity Microwave

Conexus Series “Where Performance Meets Value”:
This series of cables is designed for general purpose testing. The cable used in these assemblies has a Velocity of Propagation (Vp) of 84 and a frequency range of 0-50 GHz. Any combination of connectors can be specified at each end. The available connectors for the Conexus Series are Type N, 3.5mm, SMA, 2.92mm and 2.4mm. All connectors are available in male or female. The standard lengths offered for the Conexus Series are 26” and 39”. Any custom length up to 60” can be provided.

• Modular design for repairability, leads to extended service life, lower costs
• Available in 28” and 39” lengths standard (custom lengths 12”-60”)
• Type N, SMA, 3.5mm (PEI or AL) , 2.92mm, 2.4mm Male or Female

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39″ cable, 3.5mm (F) to 3.5mm (M) Connectors

Velocity Microwave has revolutionized test cables with the industry’s first completely modular design. This design allows any of the components in the assembly to be replaced so as to extend the service life of the assembly. No longer will you need to scrap un-repairable test cables!
Additionally, the Velocity Microwave products raise the bar with these industry firsts:

First inclusion of calibration data and plots on a USB pen drive
First preloaded cable and jacket to absorb shock forces created by pulling on a tethered cable
First use of IEEE standard color codes and gaging specification to mark a cable
First inclusion of two wrenches for connector flats

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