HP/Agilent 4145A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

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The 4145A is a fully automatic measurement instrument designed for high speed dc characterization of semiconductor devices. It stimulates voltage and current sensitive devices, measures the resulting current and voltage responses, and displays the results in a user-selectable format (graph, list, matrix, or schmoo) on the units crt display. The 4145A has four built-in stimulus/measurement units.

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Wide measurement range with high resolution: V: ±1 mV to ±100 V; I: ±1 pA to ±100 mA
SMU voltage ranges: ±20 V, ±40 V, ±100 V
SMU current ranges: ±1000 pa, ±10 nA, ±100 nA, ±1000 nA, ±10 µA, ±100 µA, ±1000 µA, ±10 mA, ±100 mA
Flexible disk drive for storage of user programs and measurement results
HP-IB interface
100, 120/220 Vac ±10%, 240 Vac +5% -10%; 47-66 Hz operation
Weight: 59 lb; Size: 235 mm (9.26 in)H x 426 mm (16.75 in)W x 612 mm (24.1 in)D

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