Industries We Serve

Aerospace and Defense – Global Test Equipment offers a large inventory of innovative electronic test equipment utilized in Aerospace and Defense sectors and applications. We provide quality instruments during the design and building phase of Satellites, Military Hardware, Smart Battlefields, GPS, Security and Civil Aviation, supporting the industry as a whole. Our equipment is utilized in Radar and Electronic Warfare Tests, Satellite Testing and Emulation, Noise Measurement, Ground Base Stations, Software Defined Radio and several other applications. Our WBENC status assists government contractors with diversity requirements.

Semiconductor Industry – The Semiconductor industry is consistently challenged to make better and faster components such as Microprocessors, DRAM, Memory and RF transceivers. Improvements in the semiconductor industry must evolve rapidly and develop at a quicker pace. Electronic test equipment is critical in helping test the upper limits of these components by providing data to insure peak performance and make design improvements a reality. Global Test Equipment can help by providing the instrumentation required such as high-speed probing, network verification, pre-silicon validation and other instruments required to complete these tasks.

Communications – The Telecommunications industry is constantly evolving with demands for new technology, with test and measurement equipment an essential component in staying ahead of the rapidly developing research. Global Test Equipment offers the equipment necessary to meet the challenges of many frequencies and bandwidths requiring exploration at the 6 GHz range, and waveforms that require equipment that can measure in the 50 GHz range. We offer a vast selection of all test equipment required to meet 5G Cellular, Spectrum Analysis, RFI intrusion and compliance and all test objectives..


Automotive Industry – As RADAR technologies have advanced with GPS Navigation that was once strictly used in military applications now found in most cars, we also see RADAR used in Automotive industries. RADAR technologies help drivers avoid potential hazards from other vehicles, pedestrians, objects on roads and make self-driving automobiles a reality. Much of the same test equipment provided to our Aerospace partners is utilized in the Automotive industry today. Global Test Equipment offers the same high-quality test instrumentation for connected vehicles, clean vehicles, sensor technology, e-mobility, UDAR, collision avoidance and other automotive applications.

Global Test Equipment is a recognized industry leader in test and measurement equipment services, offering turn-key total solutions throughout the entire equipment life cycle. Contact us today to realize maximum cost-effectiveness and to learn more about our many services for test equipment asset management.